Planting Different Types of Trees in Nashville, Tn

Planting different types of trees at your Nashville home may help to solve many problems in your landscape. We continue to experience drought periodically during the summer months here in the Mid South, and when you combine that with the fact that many towns and municipalities are restricting water and irrigation, you may have given [...]

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Landscape Design

Having a good landscape design for your home will help you to plan the best use of plant material for your site. It will also save you money in the long run since you won't have to replace plants that are in the wrong place. You may choose to design your own or hire a [...]

How Long Should I Keep Mowing the Lawn in Fall?

  Q. How long should you be mowing your lawn in fall in the Nashville and surrounding areas? A. Basically, until it stops growing! We get this question a lot actually.  It perfectly fine to keep cutting until temperatures get low enough that the grass stops growing. That's your cue that you can do one [...]

Acer Landscape Services Finishes The Mars Pet Care Facility Landscape

Acer Landscape Services is excited to announce the completion of the landscaping of the new Mars Pet Care Facility, now called the Global Innovation Center, in Thompson Station at the corner of State Route 840 and Columbia Pike. Construction of the new office included landscaping, walking trails and a rainwater irrigation pond. This $88 million [...]