5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Landscaping a Gorgeous Winter Wonderland

For busy homeowners, managing your landscape during the summer months is already a daunting project. Now imagine how hard it is during winter, when white and gray are predominant colors, and it’s harder than ever to keep your landscape thriving and healthy.


Fortunately, landscaping experts in Nashville, TN can take all the hard work out of your hands and leave you with a beautiful winter landscape that not only brightens up your property, but maintains the good state of your land as well. There are many ways that your landscape contractors keep your landscape fit and lovely once the cold sets in.

Take advantage of the bark

Come wintertime, deciduous trees shed their leaves. This is no reason to be sad, however, as some trees become even more beautiful when all that’s left are their trunks and bark. Birch trees and dogwoods, for instance, have visually distinctive bark patterns, making them a beautiful sight to behold during the winter months.

Keep the berries

Some shrubs and trees have berries that stay throughout the winter, and these can add another attractive element to your winter landscape. For example, crabapples don’t let go of their little fruits, and a holly laden with berries is a sight to behold when the snow begins to fall.

Go evergreen

Evergreens maintain their color during the colder months, making them the perfect stars of the winter season. Colors such as yellow, blues, greens, and gold abound. Your landscape specialist may choose to have at least a couple of evergreens, then work a border around them for maximum visual impact.

Hardscape is key

When winter rolls around, your contractor might inquire if you’d like to remodel your hardscape. For instance, a garden sculpture, a trellis, an arbor, or a bench can be wonderful focal points to maintain your property’s curb appeal during this season.

Spruce up those containers

The white and gray themes of winter are the perfect backdrop for decoration. Different colors and textures plus interesting twigs can level up containers containing evergreen boughs. Hanging baskets and window baskets are great for designing as well.

These are just of the ways that your Nashville landscaping contractor may choose to enhance your landscape during wintertime. Don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with these experts to achieve your dream landscape during the colder months.


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