Community Involvement

//Community Involvement

For more than 30 years, our commitment and involvement in our community has been an important part of who we are and how we do business. It’s one way we can say thank you for allowing us to be your neighbor and friend.  At Acer Landscape Services, we think landscaping is more about people, than lawns and landscaping.

community-1Founders Alfred and Julia Stewart are passionate about being good stewards of their love for the land and gardening by helping to enrich the lives of others, both locally and in the hills n’ hollers of Kentucky.

Alfred has been studying plants for most of his life. Spending his summers playing and exploring outside in the small community called Beersheba Springs up on the Cumberland Plateau, Alfred’s love of nature was ignited.  As for Julia, when young, she could always be found down among the daffodils in the spring and still loves being surrounded by flowers and nature today.

About this passion Alfred says: “Bringing nature’s beauty to other’s world is our way of giving back and encouraging others. And, even more importantly, it’s the relationships formed through these encounters that is a blessing to Julia and me.”

Locally, we’ve have been a part of the Hard Bargain Mount Hope Redevelopment Program. It’s wonderful to see a neighborhood transformed through the hard work of volunteers and the Hard Bargain Association.

community-2Along with contributing money, time and resources to many organizations, schools and churches, we have especially enjoyed working with Monroe Harding School in Nashville, and Integrated Community Ministries in Appalachia, by constructing square foot gardens full of annual flowers and veggies.

Julia says: “Gardening is just plain old fashioned fun to us and we love sharing it with others.”