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The Top Three Landscaping Trends for 2017 That You Need to Know About

Since gardening has been dubbed the slowest of the performing arts, many people assume that gardening is one area where trends don’t matter. After all, it’s impossible to hurry the growth of a tree. Despite what many people think, though, landscaping tastes and trends change on a regular basis.

Environmentally friendly landscapes have become more popular in recent years, and the upcoming trends you should be looking for in 2017 will all focus on protecting the environment and preserving local resources.


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Learn the Three Positive Effects of Landscaping for Every Homeowner

A beautiful landscape tends to produce a relaxing atmosphere. Seeing plants and trees usually has positive psychological value because green surroundings can help decrease stress and boost affirmative feelings. Landscaping in Nashville, TN is also important because local weather conditions directly impact the health of different plants.


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5 Ways to Make Your Home’s Landscaping a Gorgeous Winter Wonderland

For busy homeowners, managing your landscape during the summer months is already a daunting project. Now imagine how hard it is during winter, when white and gray are predominant colors, and it’s harder than ever to keep your landscape thriving and healthy.


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Protect Your Property’s Landscaping in Nashville, TN Even in Winter

Landscaping company in Nashville, TN now offers winter services.


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Maximizing Design Space for Small-Sized Landscaping in Nashville, TN

Having a small yard shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not give much thought to its appearance. In fact, it should give you all the more motivation to spruce it up so that you can fully maximize the space that you have. In the process, you can even help your yard or lawn look bigger than it actually is, too, further improving the appearance of your property. […]

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How to Identify and Treat Bagworms In Your Nashville Garden


It’s important to learn how to identify and treat bagworms (Psychidae family) in your Nashville garden so that you may quickly get rid of them before they destroy a tree.  Once you know what to look for, it’s generally easy to spot them.

There are three different varieties of bagworms.  The Evergreen bagworm, the Snailcase bagworm, […]

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Ways Busy Homeowners Can Ease Their Nashville Landscaping Maintenance

Any landscaping requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty. After all, you wouldn’t want leaves to dry out and branches to fall, creating a mess in your yard, would you? Because maintenance requires considerable time and energy, homeowners with busy schedules are often unable to tend to landscaping needs on a regular basis. There are ways, however, to stay abreast of your maintenance needs in regard to landscaping in Nashville, TN.

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5 Crucial Factors in Landscape Design That Deserve Keen Attention

Designing your dream landscape may seem challenging if not daunting, especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. While a landscape designer can guide you through the process, you still have the last say on the project.

Given this, it’s important that you understand the factors involved in creating a landscape design. With a little understanding and the help of your designer, you can turn your dream into a reality. […]

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Landscaping Management: What Maintenance Tasks are Often Involved?

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden and lawn can be a challenging part of home management. Keeping up with your landscaping is a tall order especially when you have many personal and professional responsibilities to juggle.

Professional landscaping contractors are valuable support in this arena. Depending on your needs, you may discuss a maintenance contract customized for your property. If you’re wondering if such a setup is worth it, understanding what it takes to manage your landscape can help inform your decision. […]

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7 Reasons to Plant ‘Limelight’ Hydrangeas in Your Nashville Landscape

As if being gorgeous isn’t enough reason to plant the ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata, in your Nashville landscape, there are plenty of other reasons.

I might be a little biased because hydrangeas are one of my most favorite types of plants to use in our landscape designs here in Nashville, Tn  But the ‘Limelight’ which is  […]

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