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Landscaping Design: Adding More Than Just Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Owning a home is anybody’s dream. Whether it’s the traditional house with the white picket fence, or something that resonates a modern home design, a beautiful front yard or backyard landscape is something a lot of homeowners dream of having. Not only does having a stunning landscape garner compliments from friends and families, it can [...]

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Acer Landscape Services Wins Best Landscaper in Nashville Award

  Best Landscapers in Nashville 2016 Acer Landscape Services , awarded with Best Landscapers in Nashville 2016 Award by Expertise, is thrilled to be on the list! Landscapers in the Nashville area since 1981, Acer is dedicated to excellence in service and customer care while providing landscape design services and installation and maintenance to both residential and [...]

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Nashville Customers Offered Specials on Landscaping Packages

Acer Landscape Services is now offering specials on some of our landscaping packages to our new customers. These specials are only available to residents living in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. New customers can choose to get either $100 off a $2000 signed landscape package or $300 off a signed yearly maintenance package of [...]

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10 Tips to Building A Raised Flower Bed

Building your own raised beds is a great project anytime of the year. Raised flower beds are a great option if you have drainage problems or bad soil. The soil in your raised bed will warm up sooner in the spring which allows you to plant your cool weather vegetables and herbs sooner. My husband, [...]

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