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Pretty as a Picture: Utilizing Landscape Design for a Nashville Garden

Making your house and the patch of land surrounding it look pretty is no easy feat. Sure, you can try doing it all by yourself but be prepared to shed blood, sweat, and tears as you spend a significant part of your life working hard for it to be perfect. Or you can do what most Nashville, TN residents have done these past few years and hire a reputable landscaping company to do the dirty work for you.

Either way, it is important to have a gorgeous landscape design for your garden instead of letting nature takes it course. Though you might be tempted to think that going “au naturel” with your garden is the best decision you’ll ever make, time will only teach you how wrong you are and why you should really consider getting your garden designed and properly landscaped while you still can. […]

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Getting Your Nashville Landscaping Ready for the Hot Summer Season

When summertime arrives, your garden will get more sun than during any other season. This means water is a crucial element to keep your landscape alive. And there are other factors you have to look into to make it as vibrant and appealing as at other times of the year. Here are some tips on getting your Nashville landscape design ready during the hot summer season.


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Awesome Annuals for Cut Flower Arrangements

Annuals for cut flowers are generally easy to grow even for beginner gardeners. Here in Nashville, Tn, landscaping with annuals is a great way to increase your homes’ curb appeal.

If you have the space, it’s nice to  have a section in your yard designated as a cutting garden. This way, you don’t have to worry […]

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Landscaping Design: Adding More Than Just Aesthetic Value to Your Home

Owning a home is anybody’s dream. Whether it’s the traditional house with the white picket fence, or something that resonates a modern home design, a beautiful front yard or backyard landscape is something a lot of homeowners dream of having. Not only does having a stunning landscape garner compliments from friends and families, it can also add more value to your house. A nice landscape adds about ten percent to the original value of the house. Likewise, a badly made landscape significantly drops down the price of the house.


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Cool Online Tool For Designing Your Veggie Garden This Spring

Having a hard time designing your veggie garden this spring? Not sure when to plant or when to harvest?  Read on…your going to love this cool tool from one of our affiliates is an excellent  site developed in 2005 by Jeremy Dore. One of the best features of his site is the interactive […]

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Acer Landscape Services Wins Best Landscaper in Nashville Award


Best Landscapers in Nashville 2016//

Acer Landscape Services , awarded with Best Landscapers in Nashville 2016 Award by Expertise, is thrilled to be on the list!

Landscapers in the Nashville area since 1981, Acer is dedicated to excellence in service and customer care while providing landscape design services and installation and maintenance to both residential and commercial customers.

Co-founder […]

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Consider Adding Crocus to Your Landscape for a Splash of Color


Does your landscape need a little pizzaz for spring?  You can’t go wrong with incorporating crocuses into your landscape design for seasonal color.

You can almost hear them scream “Spring is almost here!”

Many landscape in Nashville feature these tiny little gems as they are perfect for the early spring garden and they are easy to grow.

Perfect […]

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Nashville Customers Offered Specials on Landscaping Packages

Acer Landscape Services is now offering specials on some of our landscaping packages to our new customers. These specials are only available to residents living in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. New customers can choose to get either $100 off a $2000 signed landscape package or $300 off a signed yearly maintenance package of $5000 or more. […]

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10 Tips to Building A Raised Flower Bed

Building your own raised beds is a great project anytime of the year. Raised flower beds are a great option if you have drainage problems or bad soil. The soil in your raised bed will warm up sooner in the spring which allows you to plant your cool weather vegetables and herbs sooner. My husband, […]

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Fabulous Annuls For Adding Seasonal Color to Your Garden

Looking for tips for adding seasonal color to your Nashville garden?  Try some annuals!

At Acer Landscape Services, we know that adding sun-loving annuals is a great way to add color and pop to your existing flower bed during the fall, summer and spring seasons.
Why Add Full Sun Annuals to Your Garden?

Annuals for sun are also […]

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