Back Yard Garden Design

Awesome Annuals for Cut Flower Arrangements

Annuals for cut flowers are generally easy to grow even for beginner gardeners. Here in Nashville, Tn, landscaping with annuals is a great way to increase your homes’ curb appeal.

If you have the space, it’s nice to  have a section in your yard designated as a cutting garden. This way, you don’t have to worry […]

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Nashville’s Insiders Guide to Preparing Your Landscape For Winter


Below are some tips and our insiders guide to preparing your landscape for winter in Nashville, Tn. 

Although it’s a little hard to tell from the weather we’ve been having lately here in Nashville, winter officially arrives on December 21st. As you probably know, this is also known as the winter solstice and is the shortest […]

Landscapers in Nashville, Tn

At Acer Landscape Services, we’ve  been landscapers in Nashville, Tn since 1981.  As family owned full-service landscape contractors, our work experience, on both large and small jobs, has brought us the reputation of being one of the best landscapers in Nashville, Green Hills, Franklin, Brentwood, Forest Hills and surrounding areas.

ALS is large enough to do […]

Full Sun Perennials for Middle Tn and Nashville

Looking for full sun perennials for Middle Tn and Nashville area to add a little pizazz to your garden? Look no further than the Spiney Bear’s-breeches perennial.

Spiny Bear’s-breeches, Acanthus spinosus, has become quiet a conversation peace in our garden. This perennial has spikes with mauve flowers which bloom in June and July with thistle like […]

Best Perennials For Middle Tn Nashville Area

Looking for the best perennials for Middle Tn, Nashville area? Whether you’ve just moved here, or have lived in this area for a long time, it’s a challenge to know which plants do well in our crazy weather. From hot, humid summers to zero degrees in winter, it’s often just a trial and error and […]

Gardening With Deer in Nashville

Gardening with deer in Nashville, Tn can be a real challenge. Purchasing deer-resistant plants such as Lenten Rose and purchasing deer off products such as Liquid Fence are some of the best defenses you can have from deer destroying your garden.

Realize though that if deer are hungry enough, they will eat just about anything.

Another way […]

Landscaping Quote For Nashville, Tn

Landscaping Quote For Nashville, Tn.
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Acer Landscape Services offers landscaping quotes for Nashville, Tn and surrounding areas.

 A Landscaping quote for Nashville, Tn includes the following services:

Landscape design
Residential lawn care
Residential property maintenance
Residential landscape installation
Commercial property maintenance
Commercial landscape installation
Garden spruce-ups
Seasonal color
Weeding beds
Trimming shrubs and trees
Planting bulbs in the fall
Tilling for vegetable gardens
Installing square foot gardens
Transplanting […]

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are easy to grow and are beautiful in formal or casual gardens.  They grow well in Zones 4, 5, 6, and 7 in full sun or part sun.

Plant these beauties during the fall in loamy soil to a depth of 12 to 14 inches. Be aware though that deer also love Asiatic lily […]

Five Essential Facts About Soil For Gardening Success in Tennessee

Five Essential Facts About Soil For Gardening Success In Tennessee
There are five essential facts about soil for gardening success in Tennessee. With three distinct regions, gardening in Tennessee can be tricky. There’s a saying is that “Your garden is only as good as your soil.” How true that is! So true in fact, that one […]

Landscape ROI Up to 150%

A recent study by showed that landscaping and hardscaping can deliver a return on investment as high as 150 percent.  This is very significant for any realtor or homeowner trying to sell a house.  The study proved that when potential buyers “saw state-of-the-art landscaping and hardscapes like fire pits and high-end pavers, they assumed […]