Square Foot Gardening in Nashville, Tennessee

Square foot gardening in Nashville, Tennessee makes sense. With wet springs, sometimes it’s hard to work the soil when the time is right. Ground too frozen? Doesn’t matter with a square foot garden! Having your planting area in a raised bed enables you to plant anytime. Plus, whenever you can grow more in less space, […]

What Time of Day is the Best Time To Water Your Lawn?

What time of day is the best time to water your lawn?  As landscapers in the Nashville area, we get asked that a lot.

Some feel that if you water in the hot sunny afternoon, you’ll get sun scald on the grass blades. Others say that moisture left on a lawn overnight from a late afternoon […]

Best Perennials for Nashville and Middle Tennessee

As you may already know, full sun perennials are the backbone to any garden. These flowers are some of the toughest and best performing plants that you will have in your garden.

With so  many types of perennials to chose from, we came up with the  following  list of the best perennials that we have […]

How Long Should I Keep Mowing the Lawn in Fall?


Q. How long should you be mowing your lawn in fall in the Nashville and surrounding areas?

A. Basically, until it stops growing! We get this question a lot actually.  It perfectly fine to keep cutting until temperatures get low enough that the grass stops growing. That’s your cue that you can do one more cut […]

Acer Landscape Services Finishes The Mars Pet Care Facility Landscape

Acer Landscape Services is excited to announce the completion of the landscaping of the new Mars Pet Care Facility, now called the Global Innovation Center, in Thompson Station at the corner of State Route 840 and Columbia Pike.

Construction of the new office included landscaping, walking trails and a rainwater irrigation pond.

This $88 million campus which […]

The Nations Block Party 2014

In the afternoon of Aug. 13, an oil tanker truck going too fast tipped over and exploded while rounding a curve on Centennial Boulevard. The result was that more than 8,000 gallons of fuel that it was carrying burst into a huge two-block-wide cloud of black smoke and fire that scorched and melted everything around […]

When To Apply Fertilizers and Compost to Your Garden

When is the best time to apply compost and mulch to your flower garden?  Well… spring, summer and fall are all great times to give your plants a “little something” to help them be the best they can be. It all can be a little confusing, especially if you’re new to gardening, but hopefully the […]

Transformers Come To Nashville-Maybe Even to Your Home!

The 2014 version of the movie Transformers has finally hit the big screen here in Nashville. Maybe you’ve seen it or plan to soon, or maybe your off to buy your own “Bumblebee” Mustang ( I must say they look pretty cool!)

For me, being the plant nerd that I am, the word “transformer” reminds me […]

Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your front yard?  I’ve posted some great ideas on our Houzz site.  These are not all jobs we’ve done, although you may view Acer’s portfolio here, but I know how so many of you love Pinterest….. and Houzz is very much like that!  Let me know what you think.

I’ve posted […]

Q and A With Jennifer Taulk Of Urban Green Lab

 Recently, I interviewed  Jennifer Tlumak, Executive Director of Urban Green Lab, about their organization and about the upcoming events they have scheduled for the summer. Check out the interview below and see how you can get involved this summer and learn more about how you and your family can implement more sustainable activities and how […]

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