Why Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Nashville Landscape Design Plan?

Cooking outdoors is nothing new, but what is red hot these days are stylish and functional outdoor spaces that include kitchen features. Nashville landscape design can be more versatile than you may realize and include this trend. If you haven’t thought about embracing an outdoor kitchen, consider the following reasons why it could be a [...]

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16 Fabulous Fire Pit Ideas for your Backyard

You can shake your fist at gathering clouds or curse the wind for whipping your hair into a mess, but it's not going to do one bit of good. But what if we told you I could effectively double the amount of time you can spend outdoors with one simple solution? Here's how: Add a [...]

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Do Your Essential Oils “Make the Grade?”

Many of us use essential oils in our everyday life for so many things like insomnia, headaches, swollen joints, and upset stomachs and it's hard to know where to go to purchase quality oils.  Many companies claim that their oils are "therapeutic grade" but what does that really mean and how can one know for [...]

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How to Stop Squirrels From Eating Tulip Flowers

Are you're wondering how to stop squirrels from eating your tulip flowers?   It's so frustrating to see your beautiful tulip flowers eaten right when they're looking their best. How do you solve the problem?  Try mixing up some hot pepper spray to stop them in their tracks. Below you'll find a tried and true recipe [...]

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Landscape ROI Up to 150%

A recent study by RealEstate.com showed that landscaping and hardscaping can deliver a return on investment as high as 150 percent.  This is very significant for any realtor or homeowner trying to sell a house.  The study proved that when potential buyers "saw state-of-the-art landscaping and hardscapes like fire pits and high-end pavers, they assumed [...]

Thuja Green Giant For Your Tennessee Gardens

As landscapers in Nashville, we love the Thuja Green Giant for your Tennessee garden. It's also called Western Red Cedar or Giant Arborvitae.  We've used these, either individually or in groups, for screening and to create year round interest in the landscape and also as habitat for  critters. We love also that you can use [...]

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Autumn Blaze Maple For Your Tennessee Garden

The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a true winner for your Tennessee garden. As landscapers in Nashville, we know which trees work in the  landscape and which ones don't. The Autumn Blaze maple is one of the best for shape and fall color.   Family: Sapindaceae (sap-in-DAY-see-ee) Genus: Acer (AY-ser) Species: x freemanii (free-MAN-ee-eye) Cultivar: [...]

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Fastest Growing Trees For Tennessee

Tulip Tree is a Fast Growing Tree for Tennessee Looking for the fastest growing trees for Tennessee?  They can provide shade, color, vertical dimension, soundproofing, cooling, beauty, screening, windbreaks, boundary lines and wildlife habitats for birds, animals, and insects. Planting the fastest growing trees also will increase your property value by at least [...]