Do Your Essential Oils “Make the Grade?”

IMG_4291Many of us use essential oils in our everyday life for so many things like insomnia, headaches, swollen joints, and upset stomachs and it’s hard to know where to go to purchase quality oils.  Many companies claim that their oils are “therapeutic grade” but what does that really mean and how can one know for sure?

Our guest blogger Courtney Mayo sheds some light on this question and shares her love for essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing and purifying effects on the body. There are 188 references to these precious oils in the bible. They have always held extreme value by ancient doctors and medicine men that used them for aromatherapy, consumption and skin application. Research has now revealed the remarkable healing properties within these essential oils.

What has just been launched will change the essential oils industry going forward.  The new company, Ameo has developed patent-pending technology that confirms the clinical grade quality of it’s oils, something no other company can currently provide.  The new oils surpass the quality and clinical purity of it’s competitors.

IMG_4326What this means, is that Ameo is the only company that can prove with complete transparency the constituents of each oil.  This company is changing the way the world looks at essential oils.  Because of their claims for 100% purity and clinical grade essential oils, Ameo will most likely be asked one day to back up their claims, as no other company has the ability to prove, per lot and batch number, the clinical purity of the oils.  In order to be considered “clinical” quality the oils must be in the purest form and must be backed by peer reviewed clinical studies and have the ability to prove the claim with science.

Though this innovative ground breaking technology, Ameo can now actually prove cell permeability through this innovated technology, and consumers have the ability to look up each batch number to view the test results, Gas chromatography,  purity and PH of the soil, and watch the oil permeate the cells under a microscope.

This technology is not available currently with any other company.  The transparency behind the testing, will eventually move other essential oil companies that claim 100% purity to prove their claims.  Unfortunately, many of them cannot at this time because although they claim their oils are pure, only 40% is needed to make that claim.  All essential oils are not created equal, even in those companies that have been around for more than 20 years!

There has been much chatter over the launch of these new oils by long-standing companies that have been around for decades.  The testing however, can not be disputed.  Testing the vibrational frequency of these oils prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the purity far exceeds that of any other oil on the market without naming companies.  Take a look for yourself at  Zija International Business Opportunity.

Everyone is looking for better health along with time and financial freedom; with Zija International you can have it all! Our unique products and business opportunity allow you  to create the life you want. Zija was founded by Ken Brailsford, the father of herbal encapsulation. He worked closely and learned as much as he could from biochemists, pharmacologist, and other scientists about moringa, aka natures miracle tree.” From that came a variety of moringa containing products including nutritionals, natural energy drinks, weight management system and skin care line. With moringa containing over 90 nutrients, 36 anti inflammatories, 46 antioxidants, and 18 amino acids, it’s truly changing the world!

Author Bio: Hi! My name is Courtney Payne. I’m a mom, nurse and entrepreneur thanks to Zija. I started this business after I had my baby so I could stay home with him and build a future for us as a family as well as gain the time freedom that goes along with that. These products have changed my life! They’ve helped me lose my baby weight, helped my milk production, and has provided all its nutrients not only to me, but my baby boy as well. I use the essential oils daily! The lavender helps my baby sleep at night, and I don’t remember the last time I was sick! This opportunity is life changing, and I highly recommend you to join my team! With that comes all the support you need from my upline and sponsor, Black Diamond Luke Curry, and our whole team as well! We are in it to win it! Let my family help yours to a life unlimited! Contact me for info to get started!

Courtney Payne-615-417-7536

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