Five Types of Tree Pruning

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Five Types of Tree Pruning

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There’s so much more to tree pruning than just cutting the branches here and there.  It’s really a combination of science and art.  Sometimes it’s better to get a landscape professional to do your pruning because it’s really more of a science than you think, and if done properly, it improves both the health and the looks of your trees and landscape.

Below are five types of tree pruning that helps your landscape look beautiful.


Five Types of Tree Pruning

  • Crown Thinning – Removes smaller outer canopy branches, helping to reduce weight and increase sunlight and air penetration.
  • Crown Cleaning – Selectively removes hazardous, dead or dying branches from the tree canopy
  • Crown Raising – Removes lower branches to increase clearance under the leaf canopy (also known as “elevation” or “limbing up”).
  • Crown Reduction – This type of tree pruning carefully removes certain stems or brances back to the lateral limbs (as opposed to “topping” which leaves large, open wounds that subject the tree to disease and decay).
  • Crown Restoration – This type of pruning is a corrective in nature since it’s done over a period of time in order to restore a good structure and appearance in trees that have been damaged or topped.

Below is a Japanese maple tree that Alfred limbed up this summer to let more air flow through the tree and to give a better view of the rest of the garden.

Japanese Maple Tree after crown thinning.

Japanese Maple Tree after crown thinning.


Find A Professional To Trim Your Trees in Nashville

To make sure your trees are trimmed correctly,  having a professional horticulturalist advise you, or better yer do it for you, is a smart move.  If done incorrectly, or at the wrong time of year, trimming your tree may create  a unhealthy environment for your tree that invites pests and disease.  Also, if you trim spring flowering trees and shrubs at the wrong time of year you won’t get any spring blooms…and who wants that!

At Acer Landscape Services, we have a trained team and horticulturalists that know when and how to trim your trees here in the Nashville area.  Give us a call at 615-350-8030 or fill out our online form and one of our professionals will get in touch with you to schedule and appointment.

Want to have a beautiful landscape all year long?  Consider having Acer come to your home or office each month with one of our Residential or Commercial Landscape Maintenance Programs.


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