Four Tips on Watering Your Lawn in Case of Drought

four tips on watering lawn in a drought

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Need tips on watering your lawn in case of a drought?  When you’re faced with drought conditions, your lawn may develop a spotty, thinned appearance. Below are some guidelines so you will know what to do next time this happens.

Four Tips For Watering Your Lawn In Drought  Conditions

  1. Do not apply fertilizer to lawns when drought conditions exist.
  2. Mow your grass higher and less often.  Be sure not to let it grow a third more than its recommended mowing height.
  3. Reduce weed competition.
  4. Irrigate to root-zone depth, which is about 6-8 inches, and only when your lawn shows the need.  Avoid runoff when possible.

Alternatively, you may choose to let your lawn die completely and then replant it with a more drought tolerant turf when the weather turns cooler in the fall.

You also might want to purchase a rain gauge to help you know when to water your lawn during drought conditions.  With a rain gauge,  you will know how much supplemental water is needed.  Be aware that light drizzles can be misleading since they don’t supply the soil with much water. To help conserve water,  it is a good idea to water right after a drizzle.

These four tips on watering your lawn during drought conditions will give your lawn a fighting chance during a drought. If you need more help with your lawn or lawn care services, please call us at 615-350-8030.

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