Grounds Installation

/Grounds Installation

If you are interested in upgrading your landscape, ACER Landscape Services can definitely help. We offer a variety of services that can improve the appearance of your yard. Whether you want to increase the value of your property or just beautify it, we have the skills and tools needed to do the job.

Design Process

Our team starts off by designing the perfect landscape for your specific needs. We our highly knowledgeable of the types of flowers and plants that grow in each type of soil and environment. We’ve acquired this expertise after over three decades of serving the communities of Nashville. Upon assessing your property, we will get your input on the design process so that we can turn your dreams into a reality.

Installation Process

We specialize in installing both landscapes and hardscapes. From patios and outdoor kitchens to raised bed and pergolas, our experts can place all landscaping elements exactly where they should be placed, giving life to a garden that matches the specific needs of its owner. We will also choose the design and feature that go perfectly with your personality and interest.

Maintenance Services

Once your landscape is done, it has to be taken good care of to prevent the plants from wilting. We offer maintenance services, including weeding and mulching to make sure that your yard continues to look good season after season. We can plant new shrubs and plants in the process, and we will do our best to help your current ones to thrive.

For many years we have been working on beautifying lawns and gardens, some we still see thriving today. If you are thinking of having your dull-looking yard spiffed up by landscaping it, we will listen to your ideas. We also like to show our potential customers our gardens so that they can let us know exactly what they like and do not like. It is our pleasure to help you get new ideas for your future landscape.

“Planting the good life.”





Plant Selection – The most successful projects involve a strong team that involves the designer, the landscape contractor, and a grower (or several growers). Working closely with the Landscape Architect or the landscape designer, trees, shrubs, and ground covers are selected based upon their hardiness, availability, quality, and their particular purpose within the landscape plan. Acer Landscape Services takes an active leadership role in the selection process. With 25 years of experience and a strong relationship with nurseries throughout the United States, Acer Landscape Services takes particular pride in quality selection for plants that will endure the extremes of the Middle Tennessee climate.

Coordination of Trades – Many landscape projects involve more than just plant material. Your project may encompass an irrigation system, landscape lighting, stone work, detailed hardscapes, sculpture in the garden, a water feature, perennials, tree surgery, or extensive grading. Acer Landscape Services has a proven track record of projects that involve numerous trades and is prepared to coordinate all aspects of your landscape plan.

Plant Handling – Trees and shrubs for your project may come from as far away as Oregon or New England. Acer Landscape Services is equipped to hold and care for these plants during the period prior to actual installation. Proper planning by your landscape team enables Acer to do planting in virtually every month of the year.

Experienced Crews – You can be assured that the people working on your site have been properly trained and will work to provide you a quality landscape … safely and effectively. Our crew leaders have years of experience in the industry and are prepared to tackle a variety of projects. Acer Landscape Services requires pre-employment drug testing and has had an effective random screening program in operation for over 15 years.

Support Following Installation – When you are working with material that grows and changes, it means that your landscape is not something that stands still. Following installation, Acer is available to answer your questions on plant care, assist you in extended maintenance, and to provide you ongoing information right here on this web site!

If you would like to discuss the particular details of your landscape project, please call Alfred Stewart, 615-350-8030, Ext 12.

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  • Franklin Police Station Green Roof – Franklin
  • Opryland Hotel – Magnolia Courtyard renovation – Nashville
  • St. Andrews Lutheran Church – Nashville
  • Veterans Memorial Butterfly Garden – Oak Grove, KY
  • Belmont University College of Pharmacy Green Roof – Nashville
  • Tennessee Tower – Plaza renovation and Green Roof