How to Stop Squirrels From Eating Tulip Flowers

29001079_l-1Are you’re wondering how to stop squirrels from eating your tulip flowers?   It’s so frustrating to see your beautiful tulip flowers eaten right when they’re looking their best. How do you solve the problem?  Try mixing up some hot pepper spray to stop them in their tracks.

Below you’ll find a tried and true recipe to stop squirrels from eating most anything you don’t want them to eat!

We think you’ll like how it works!




Hot Pepper Spray Recipe

1 Whole bulb garlic, broken into cloves

3 hot peppers, chopped, or 1 tablespoon hot pepper flakes

1 Quart hot water

Smash the garlic cloves lightly with a hammer or pestle.  Combine all ingredients in a large glass or plastic jar and allow the mixture to sit in a warm place for a week.  Strain through cheesecloth or a coffee filter, and return to the covered jar.  To use, pour 1/2 cup of pepper mixture, 1 pint water and 3 drops dishwashing liquid in a pump spray bottle.

Let us know if this remedy to keep squirrels from eating your tulip flowers works for you!



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