Northern Sea Oats-Perennial for Middle Tn and Nashville

northern sea oats-perennial for Nashville tn

Northern Sea Oats
Perennial for Nashville, Tn
Acer Landscape Services

Northern Sea Oats is a wonderful carefree perennial that is perfect for Middle Tn, Nashville and surrounding areas. It’s  sometimes called Wild Oats or even River Oats and it’s a great addition to any garden.

It’s very happy in zones 3-8, is long-lived and is cold-hardy. We’ve even seen it growing wild along the banks as we canoed the Harpeth River.

Northern Sea Oats looks just like the sea oats in Florida but it’s more bunching and forms larger clumps than the Florida variety. It’s considered an ornamental, herbaceous perennial grass, mainly grown for its foliage.

It may be considered on the protected list, so be careful not to dig it up in the wild.  It’s usually available at local garden centers.

Another great attraction to this great perennial grass is that it is deer-resistant.

Being insect and disease resistant is also plus, as well as the fact that you don’t have to fertilize or stake it.

This plant is also fairly carefree since you don’t have to dead-head it until the following spring. To dead head, simply cut the entire plant back to about 6 to 12 inches above the ground.

Alternatively, if you want it to reseed it into another area, cut the whole clump off a few inches off the ground and lay the branches down where ever you want it to grow.  It’s that simple!  You may also divide the root sure and keep it well watered until  established.

We think you’ll love the Northern Sea Oats as a perennial for the Middle Tn and Nashville area.

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