Pruning Services For Nashville Landscapes

Need pruning services for your Nashville landscape?  Want beautiful trees and bushes year round without all the trouble of doing it yourself and possibly butchering the plant costing you more money?

With Acer’s pruning service you can have it all…. a beautiful landscape that will keep your property looking it’s best though out the year without having to lift a finger!

Seasonal pruning services can make this become a reality while at the same time keeping your property from becoming an overgrown eyesore.

Tip: Every landscape has a “shelf-life” so to speak.  After 15-20 years, it will be time to take a serious look at your landscape and either do some heavy pruning of overgrown bushes…(anyone have bushes hiding your windows?)… or consider taking out overgrown trees and replacing them with smaller ones that are more in scale with your home.

Spring Pruning Services

In spring, which can start as early as late February in Nashvillepruning services in nashville tn, we will visit your home and get your outdoor plant life ready for the season by removing spent plant material and also reshaping small ornamental trees and bushes.

You’ll have founder Alfred A. Stewart, a trained professional horticulturalist, with over 40 years of experience to help get your garden in shape.

Summer Pruning Services

During the summer months, we will come by and check on your summer flowers to assure they are flourishing and looking good.  Our trained professionals will chat with you about any issues you may be experiencing with your garden and make recommendations.  Summer is also a good time to check for insect or damage or disease like the Emerald Ash Borer.

Fall Pruning Services

As summer fades into fall, there are several tasks that need to happen in the garden to ensure healthy plants for the following spring. pruning services for nashville tn

For instance, fall is a great time to make any  soil amendments your garden may need.  Preparing soil in the fall rather than in the spring enables the soil to “settle” for several months to ensure proper soil height when spring planting comes along.

Acer Landscape Services is “planting the good life” by doing all the hard work for you with our pruning services.  All you have to do is enjoy your time with friends and family knowing that your garden is in good hands with our knowledgeable and caring team of professionals.

Contact Acer Landscape Services today to get started on our pruning services for your Nashville landscape.

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