The Top Three Landscaping Trends for 2017 That You Need to Know About

Since gardening has been dubbed the slowest of the performing arts, many people assume that gardening is one area where trends don’t matter. After all, it’s impossible to hurry the growth of a tree. Despite what many people think, though, landscaping tastes and trends change on a regular basis.

Environmentally friendly landscapes have become more popular in recent years, and the upcoming trends you should be looking for in 2017 will all focus on protecting the environment and preserving local resources.

Natural Materials

After what seems like years of gardens taking a minimalist approach to hardscapes, 2017 is where hardscaping returns in full. In the next months, you can expect to see designers focusing on natural materials and a less geometric style.

Rather than clean lines and modern equipment, many people are looking for a more old-fashioned look. This includes reusing and upcycling things like railway ties, free-form decks as well as smaller outdoor furniture and swing seating. Expect to see organic and authentic hardscaping to dominate landscaping projects this year.

2017 Landscaping Trends


In simple terms, hyperlocalism means that each material in a landscaping project is locally sourced. You’ll find that more gardens will do away with exotic and foreign plants while integrating native and endemic ones. Endemic plants are native to a very particular ecosystem.

Other than locally-sourced plants, many landscapers will be using locally sourced materials in their landscape design as well. The use of local plants and materials would focus on the impact that climate change has had on various regions, and landscapers are looking to include plants that can survive the changes in weather and rainfall.

Water Conservation

Due to the constant changes in environment, drought has become more commonplace in many areas where previously it has not been an issue. Many states are imposing water regulations year-round to address this, which can have big implications for your garden.

That’s why water conservation will be the top concern among landscaping enthusiasts. Now, landscaping projects would focus on choosing drought-resistant plants that can dramatically reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation. On top of this, many landscapers will also be recommending drip irrigation over the traditional use of spraying plants with a sprinkler system. This method minimizes nutrient loss and increases the efficiency of watering.

If you want to take advantage of the trends that you will see in landscaping this year, then the best course of action is to contact a reputable landscape design company. They will be able to answer any questions you might have and can make recommendations based on the space you have available.

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