Transformers Come To Nashville-Maybe Even to Your Home!

The 2014 version of the movie Transformers has finally hit the big screen here in Nashville. Maybe you’ve seen it or plan to soon, or maybe your off to buy your own “Bumblebee” Mustang ( I must say they look pretty cool!)

For me, being the plant nerd that I am, the word “transformer” reminds me that we need to “transform” parts of our own garden. You know how it is… you get one part of the yard looking great and then the section right next to it looks pitiful in comparison.  Maybe your in the same predicament.

A good landscape design for your home will help you to plan the best use of plant material for your site and get you well on your way to a gorgeous “picture perfect” landscape.

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Above pictures are of jobs by Acer Landscape Services, Nashville, Tn

Below are some before and after pictures of a new landscape we did with a slope issue.

A before picture of a front yard with a slope issue.

A before picture of a front yard with a slope issue.

 After shot of the rock garden we added in this front yard to address of the slope issue.


You may choose to design your own or hire a professional designer. Hiring a qualified landscape designer can actually save you around $1000.00 in mistakes.  They can also help you come up with a plan that fits your budget with some helpful hints about what needs to be done first and what can wait.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, keep the following design elements in mind.

Some good landscape design practices include: knowing about the growing conditions, soil and maintenance requirements, pest, and disease resistance of the plants that you want to grow.

Locate plants so that they have room to grow.  Be sure to read the  tag that comes with your plant to see how big it will get.

Plants need to be planted where they have plenty of room, the correct amount of light or shade, the correct soil ph and nutrition. 

Drainage issues also need to be addressed in order to have healthy plants.

By creating the right landscape design plan and selecting the proper plant material your landscape will soften the overall appearance of your house and transfer it into a “home”.

Being  sure your garden is accessible will make it easier to maintain.  Consider whether or not you are going to need to get wheelbarrows, tractors, or even bulldozers through to that area, or another area, of your yard. If you are, make the area wide enough to handle  this equipment.

Trees, shrubs and evergreens play a major role in your landscape. They are the anchors of you design as you can see from the pictures below.

IMG_2846 IMG_2955 IMG_7038 IMG_7028

If you’d like help transforming your own landscape, please give us a call at 615-350-8030 or visit our website at .  Todd or Dean will be glad to get you started.

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See you soon!

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