10 Trees To Add to Your Nashville Garden for Winter Interest


Looking for trees to add to your Nashville garden for winter interest? Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite trees that have berries or seedpods¬† that will not only add interest to your landscape, but the birds will love them too as they seek shelter from the weather and feast on the berries.

As horticulturalists and landscapers in the Nashville area for over 33 years, we at Acer Landscape Services know which trees and bushes perform best in the Nashville area. so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

Trees like Magnolia grandiflora, Paperbark maple, Deodar cedar, and Foster holly give you an excuse to go out into your yard and collect a few branches or berries for decorations. Also, you will be attracting wildlife, especially birds, to your backyard.

Some trees such as hollies require that you have both a male and a female tree so be sure to ask a landscaper who is also a horticulturalist for advice.

Serviceberry and Winterberry are considered bushes and may also provide winter interest in Nashville.¬† The birds will tend to eat these last so you’ll still be a able to use them in arrangements in your home.

Below is a partial list of some of the best trees with great pods and berries.

  • Flowering crabapples (Malus hybrids) Fall
  • American holly (Ilex opaca) Winter
  • Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) Winter
  • Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) Fall
  • Sumacs (Rhus spp.) Fall
  • Downy serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea) Summer
  • Foster holly (Ilex Xattenuata ‘Fosteri’) Winter
  • Savannah holly (Ilex Xattenuata ‘Savannah’) Winter
  • Yaupon (Ilex vomitoria) Winter
  • Lutster-leaf holly (Ilex latifolia Winter
  • Weeping yaupon (Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’) Winter
  • Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) Summer
  • Kousa dogwood (Cornus Kousa) Fall
  • Hawthorns (Crataigus spp.) Fall
  • Korean mountain ash (Sorbus alnifolia) Fall

Trees With Interesting Cones or Seedpods

  • Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) Fall
  • Deodar cedar (Cedrus Deodara Winter)
  • Evergreen stone oak ( Lithocarpus Henryi) Fall
  • Amur maple (Acer Ginnala) Fall
  • Flamegold golden-rain tree (Koelreuteria elegans) Fall

At Acer Landscape Services, founder Alfred A. Stewart is a horticulturalist and will be glad to advise you on adding trees that add winter interest to your Nashville landscape.

Call 615-350-8030 or fill out our contact form online for more information.

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