Maximizing Design Space for Small-Sized Landscaping in Nashville, TN

small sized landscaping

Having a small yard shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not give much thought to its appearance. In fact, it should give you all the more motivation to spruce it up so that you can fully maximize the space that you have. In the process, you can even help your yard or lawn look bigger than it actually is, too, further improving the appearance of your property.

With a clear plan and reliable professionals to help execute your ideas, you should be able to achieve a good aesthetic to your home’s exterior in no time. Here are some tips that could help you draw up a nice design for landscaping in Nashville, TN.

Colors for Space

In landscape photographs or paintings, you’ll see that depth of field is a technique commonly used to give the illusion of space. You can apply the same technique by implementing a color-blocking scheme with the flowers.
Place the bright colored ones at the forefront of your lawn closest to the road, and then make your way back towards the house with lighter colors as you go. This should make the path to your front door much longer than it actually is.

Add Some Drama

For small spaces, you need to exert more effort to draw attention to it. If that’s the case, then why not add visually entertaining pieces, such as unique garden furniture, an art installation, or an eye-catching plant.

This way, the fact that the size of the garden is small will be overshadowed by the visual cues that you have embedded within the space.

Draw the Sight Upwards

Shrubs and low plants will only highlight the smallness of the space. Use tall plants instead to divert the attention upwards. Basically, you’ll be using the plant’s height as leading lines that will perpetuate the illusion of length throughout the garden.

Indeed, you must realize that there is both an art and science to Nashville landscape design. It’s best if you consult with and hire the professional help of companies such as Acer Landscape Services.


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